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Founded in the 1990s, the company began as an drum accessory manufacturer before transitioning in to a world famous manufacturer for OEM drum brands in the early to mid-2000’s. During it’s time as an OEM supplier, Ming produced acoustic drums, marching products, and accessories. In 2007 Ming Musical Instrument Company was established with a primary focus of producing carbon fiber composites drums by utilizing over 20 years experience, and using extensive research and development processes. In 2014 a new brand was born representing “Evolution, Technical Freedom, a limitless Future” in an effort to bypass traditional thinking, and help guide the percussion industry towards product perfection, and through this creation came the unprecedented brand which is Mair Drums.


Ming Composites Technology, is the unique fiber creation technique that is used to create all of our composite shells. Join Wounding makes the shell very solid in spite of the thickness only being 1.8mm. Inside each of the shells is an added 100% carbon fiber tension ring which not only helps maintain the shape of the shells, but also helps to focus the resonance of the drum itself in turn helping to produce a much clearer sound. While most bearing edges are cut to 45°, all MCT Shells feature a 30° which aids in achieving the purest tone possible through an expansive tuning range. All drums ranging from 6” to 14” come with a 8mm tension ring, while drums 14” to 32” come with a 20mm tension ring for added support.

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