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The mini Series is comprised of smaller versions of both our Royal and Victors series shells and while making the drums smaller, no sound was sacrificed! The shells are reduced to “miniature” proportions while maintaining all the great benefits of their bigger editions. While this series is geared towards younger players who can use even more weight reduction, these models are perfect for all ages, especially when utilized with indoor percussion settings and smaller venues where equipment size can be a performance factor. The mini Series is a great investment when paired with the 100% carbon fiber “Ultra-Mobility Carrier” from Mair Drums.
Super mini High Tension
Snare Drums
mini II Snare Drums
mini Junior Traditional Tension Snare Drums
Super mini High Tension
Tenor Drums
mini II Tenor Drums
mini Junior Traditional Tension Tenor Drums
Super mini High Tension
Bass Drums
mini II Bass Drums
mini Junior Traditional Tension Bass Drums
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