mini II Snare Drums


Our shells are made with a 9-Ply Mersawa wood foundation which provides a strong fundamental resonance. It is then finished with a high quality PVC wrap that helps protect the drum from the elements, while also providing the lightest possible weight, and best looking durable finish.

The aluminum alloy is made with a high precision CNC lathe.

The aluminum alloy high tension rings helps keep the light-weight aspect that Mair strives for, while providing a standard feature performers are used to.

6mm high tension rods are standard on all drums, and are produced in Taiwan.

The shells are 7.5mm thick with a classic 45° bearing edge that makes the sound warm and helps maintain a better resonance through the tonal range.

All drums come standard with REMO Drumheads to offer the best and purest sound possible, right out of the box.




mini II Marching Snare


Diameter, Depth



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