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980 Series

Tenor Stand


Memory Lock-01.png

Quick Release Clamp, Easy Operation Height Adjustment.

The included memory lock is easily adjustable, to help with quick setups for consistent angles and heights.

The support T-Bar is made from industrial grade, high carbon steel and is Blast Coasted to prevent rusting, scratches and scrapes, and maintain a high quality finish.

Tenor Leg-01.png
J rod-01.png

Adjustable support arms help keep the tenors stable, and allow for different brands of tenors and backbars to be used. They feature a rubber textured coating which helps protect the drums from scratches, and dents during setup and performance.

Height Adjustable J-Rod points let the user change the degree of lift from the stands primary support rail.

The double braced stands are space-free riveted for worry free durability and consistent usage.

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